15U Division I: Orlando Captains Elite 80 vs Rock United Commanders 68


Both teams put a premium on getting to the basket. O.C.E. big man Mike Eads could not be stopped in the first half. He put up 19 points including 3 threes, in an incredible offensive run to give his team a 41-29 lead at the break. Robert Soto attacked the basket aggressively and managed 10 first half points for O.C.E. The Captains did struggle to stay in front of Commanders guard Alex Vertus who already had 14 points coming into the second half. 

Rock United cut the lead to eight soon after intermission, but in the blink of an eye, it was up to 14. Outside of Vertus, Rock United had trouble finding consistent scoring. On the other hand, O.C.E. guards Jouldan Veldez and Soto were able to penetrate and find the open man almost effortlessly. Long and bouncy post player, Elijah Harrison was the beneficiary of many of these drop off passes; he finished with 11 points, while Eds had a monster game: 30 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists. 


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